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What are the top tourist attractions in Swaziland to see?

The landscape of this nation by itself counts as one of the top tourist attractions in Swaziland

The top tourist attractions in Swaziland are multifaceted. At the heart of its beauty is a scenic landscape that teems with wildlife. On top of that is Swaziland’s interesting people, culture, and traditions. Perhaps the greatest asset of Swaziland is that for a small country, it has a wide variety of attractions. It is the perfect destination for people who want to experience Africa beyond the bounds of nature.


Swaziland’s landscape provides a preview of African terrain. Breathtaking sceneries of mountains, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers, and gorges are scattered everywhere. Hidden in them are unique rock formations of ancient origin.

Altitudes in Swaziland range from 70 to 6,000 ft high. It starts with Highveld mountains on the east and transforms into Middleveld and Lowveld mountains as you move toward the east. Right before the western border, the 6,000-foot Lubombo Mountains will greet you.

In addition to mountains, Swaziland has deserts as well as a coastal area. These landscapes are rare finds in Africa and among the top tourist attractions in Swaziland.


Flora and fauna flourish in the varied landscape of Swaziland. The limited landscape prevents gaming experiences but the number of animals will surely impress you. You can see the “Big 5” here but people say it’s one of the best places in Africa to go on a rhino safari. Rhino safaris are available on foot and 4×4 and gives tourists the opportunity to see black and white rhinoceros.

Bird watchers won’t be disappointed though. The same could be said for those who want to see wildlife other than the Big 5. There are 17 protected areas in Swaziland with a wide range of animals.


The people are very warm and friendly. They practice ancient traditions which are unique to their country. Absolute monarchy ensures that local cultures and traditions are retained. A preserved cultural heritage is one of the top tourist attractions in Swaziland.

Culture throbs in the country’s festivals, dances, music which are celebrated at different times of the year. Traditional attire also reflect the deep cultural ties of Swaziland. Perhaps the best known of its celebrations are Umhlanga and Incwala. None of them have been revived for tourism purposes. They have simply been around since the old times.

You can take home a piece of the country’s culture by getting any of their traditional handicrafts. Many local shops sell baskets, carved wood and stone, glassware, batik, and jewelry made locally.