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NBA Africa becomes learning ground for young players

NBA Africa becomes learning ground for young players Read More

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The dangers of driving for Uber in South Africa (The 3:59, Ep. 259) – CNET

Today on the podcast, we discuss Uber hiring a security company in South Africa, plus Amazon’s ban on Blu phones. Read More

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The Best Way to Travel Around Southern Africa

Welcome to another edition of our new Africa column with Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit. While I’ve been to the continent in the past, I’ve only seen a few countries and this website is really thin on Africa content. I’m super duper excited to have these two travelers share their knowledge about traveling the continent. They will share budget tips, detailed guides, itineraries, and stories to get you excited and prepared for your own trip! Their second post is on how to get around Southern Africa with different budget travel options.
Ten months ago we started thinking about our Read More

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Stunning 7,000-Image Satellite Mosaic of African Doesn’t Have a Single Cloud

If you like jigsaws, you’d love to be on the team at the European Space Agency that created this image. Made up of 7,000 separate files—totalling 32 TB of data—the picture provides a completely cloud-free view of the whole of Africa…. Read More

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This Company Protects A Threatened African Cow By Turning Its Horn Into Housewares

As a member of Uganda’s Bahima tribe, Olivia Byanyima carries a deep reverence for the African An­­kole cow. “Our culture revolves around this animal,” she says. But in recent years the number of purebred Ankoles—known for their majestic horns and commanding presence—has dropped as farmers cross Ankoles with breeds that produce more milk. Researchers have predicted that Ankoles could be extinct by the middle of the century.

Byanyima, who moved to the U.S. in 2003, saw a chance to help. In 2014, she and social entrepreneur Shanley Knox founded Olivia Knox to create a luxury market for the horn, incentivizing farmers Read More

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