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How to Build and Promote Workplace Safety Culture

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than five thousand people died on the job in 2019. That’s more than fourteen people every day. 

Worker deaths are a serious thing and should be prevented at all costs. The purpose of having a workplace safety culture is to look beyond specific safety programs and policies. The goal is to capture the behaviors and mindsets towards the safety of all of the company owners, managers, and employees. 

Are you looking to boost team morale and make sure that you’re establishing a safe and organized work environment? If you are, then keep on reading and we’ll walk you through everything that you’ll want to know about building and promoting a workplace safety culture.

Characteristics of Positive Workplace Safety Culture 

It’s usually easier to recognize an organization that has a negative safety culture rather than one that has a positive culture. This is because a lack of a safety culture usually means that safety initiatives are not bought into by employees. This usually leads to higher rates of accidents and injuries within the work environment. 

While it might seem intimidating to build a positive safety environment, the benefits after the investment has been made will become evident throughout the company. 

A company that has a good safety culture will likely experience:

  • Decreased rates of accident or injuries
  • Lower turn over
  • High employee engagement
  • Increased employee productivity

But what does a positive safety culture look like? Organizations with a strong safety culture tend to have employees that feel empowered to take action. They also feel responsible for the safety of themselves and their coworkers. 

Now, let’s go over several ways that you can build and promote workplace safety culture at your place of work.

1. Define Responsibilities

In order to establish an effective safety culture, you first need to define the responsibilities within your company. This can be done at all levels of the company and includes goals and policies.

2. Create an Organizational Vision for Safety

It’s important that everyone in the organization is on the same page when it comes to the company’s vision for safety. It won’t be possible for you to reach your safety goal if all of the company’s stakeholders aren’t working towards the same goal.

3. Come Up with a System for Open Communication

Organizations that have a strong workplace safety culture need to invest in making lines of open communication within the company. You also need to make sure that workers are updated on new safety protocols in order to make sure that the procedures and policies can be implemented successfully.

One great way to share new information is with monthly talks about understanding health and safety. You want to allow for employees to openly communicate with regards to safety within the workplace.

4. Involve Employees at All Levels

Making a workplace safety culture starts from the ground up. It’s important that workers of all levels are included in the planning and implementation phase of any new safety procedures. 

You can make your employees feel more involved by asking for their opinions during the initial planning phases. You can also prevent possible pitfalls later down the road during implementation.

5. Rebuild Reporting System

Your reporting system will need to focus on the positive. Your employees should feel free to share their safety concerns without any repercussions. When you reward workers who share their safety concerns, you’ll be able to rebuild your system and encourage other workers to report their concerns as well.

6. Implement Hands-On Training

When you’re building and promoting a workplace safety culture within an organization, it’s important to utilize proper training. Sharing best practices and developing opportunities for workers to have hands-on learning sessions will help your workers retain and successfully implement new safety procedures. 

Also, when you invest in quality training, you’ll be showing your workers that you care about their safety. You’ll also increase team member support and buy-in.

7. Management Modeling

If you want your safety initiatives to be successful, then you need to make sure that the model is from the top down. This means that managers need to make a commitment to employing a safety-first work style. They should always be demonstrating safety is important and valued.

8. Hold Employees Accountable

Companies that fully embody a strong workplace safety culture will know that safety is of the utmost importance. Every worker will feel responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their coworkers. 

A big part of this feeling is holding your workers accountable. The more that an employee feels accountable for safety initiatives, the more likely they’re going to take action to improve the safety around them.

9. Celebrate Success

Keeping your team members updated about company progress is necessary for driving safety initiatives. Recognizing departments, individuals, and the company as a whole for its improvements can be a useful way to boost team morale. 

The Importance of Knowing How to Build and Promote Workplace Safety Culture

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of how to build and promote workplace safety culture. As we can see, there are a lot of benefits to establishing a good workplace safety culture. And it will be much easier to accomplish this if you make everyone feel involved and responsible for the safety of others.

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4 Locations for a Relaxing Holiday

Being one of the more charming cities in Scotland, Edinburgh is a great place to have a relaxing holiday ... photo by CC user chris-yunker on Flickr

Are you too stressed from working all day? You want to go on vacation, right? Travelling is, for sure, one great and soothing way of spending your vacation. So, book a ticket now, pack your things up, and take your well-deserved vacation to these 4 amazing destinations….


Cyprus is now becoming one of the favourite island getaways, thanks to its amazingly gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking pristine beaches. If you love arts and fashion, then this place can be a great boon to you as well.

Cyprus has three lovely cities, namely Lefkosia, Limassol, and Paphos. The well-known Medieval walls in Lefkosia remain to be one of the city’s most captivating historic landmarks. Limassol, on the other hand, houses the most famous museums in the city. Do not miss your chance to visit the Kolossi castle. For beach lovers, this city is for you. Several hotels for your accommodation are located near the beach. Paphos is known to be the birthplace of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. The Tombs of the Kings is certainly magnificent. 

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Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and the London Eye are among the many marvellous sites your eyes can enjoy feasting upon in London. Love watching a play? The National Theatre is highly recommended. Want to experience a boat trip? Try it on the River Thames. Looking for a new outfit? Shop at Regent or Oxford Street. London is without doubt a perfect place for a vacation.

Find London tours at visitlondon.com

The Cotswolds

A serene heavenly place, the Cotswolds in the UK is a relatively unknown to many travel junkies. There aren’t a lot of information about it today, but you will be truly amazed with the otherworldly beauty of this destination. After all, the place is famous for its wonderful landscapes and incredible historic house villages.

For those who are travelling with children, the Cotswold Farm Park and the Broadway Playground allows you to get in touch with nature and animals. Here, you can plan a picnic in the garden or go biking in the playground. 

Blenheim Palace is another terrific place to swing by in Cotswold. Upon arriving, you will be assigned to a tour guide, who will show you every beautiful feature of the palace. It has a pretty huge garden space that is perfectly designed for guests to enjoy. 

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Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is a host to the colourful Edinburgh Fringe festival. Celebrated from July to September, people from all over the world come to Edinburgh to witness the spectacles and experience the convivial feel of this festival. The festival, by the way, features arts, blues, jazz, television, music, drama, and theatre. 

Hogmanay (New Year celebration) is often considered the best among all street parties in the city. The classical Scottish Parliament arranges bookings for tours inside for a closer look at its history, literature, and architecture. 

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Overall, the top locations for a relaxing holiday are truly brilliant. Plan your vacation ahead by preparing an itinerary to have an organized vacation. Trust me, this lessens stress as well as helps create a systematized holiday. 

Also, never miss the top tourist attractions in every city you visit. Take photos to keep memories, and do not let anything ruin your day. More importantly, relax and enjoy your whole vacation. Cheers!

5 of the best places in Madrid for taking pictures

Plaza de Cibeles is among the best places in Madrid for taking pictures...

In the near future, you’ll be heading off on a long-awaited holiday to Spain, and as an avid hobby photographer, you are beyond thrilled. With numerous peaks, scenic coastlines that are easy on the eyes, and a variety of Moorish architecture that is measurably different from the building styles in the rest of Europe.

As an avid culture hunter though, you have decided to spend a healthy chunk of your trip in Madrid, Spain’s capital. This city has an abundance of museums, plazas, and other outstanding public spaces, making it an urbanist’s dream.

Once you learn how to get how to get cheap internet in Madrid, the sky is the limit for getting all kinds of killer snaps around one of the most culturally significant cities in Spain, as you’ll be able to upload them to the cloud and your other devices seamlessly as you go.

Since you aren’t a local though, knowing exactly where to get the best pictures in the Spanish capital is likely a mystery to you. If you aren’t in the know about the best places in Madrid for taking pictures, these five vantage points will have your friends, family and co-workers dumbfounded over how you got so many mind-blowing shots on your holiday in Spain.

Let’s jump right into it…

1) Plaza de Cibeles

While Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol are very popular squares within Madrid and boast many photographic opportunities, they are all surpassed by Plaza de Cibeles in terms of sheer opulent beauty. Punctuated by a white marble fountain depicting a Roman fertility goddess riding a chariot pulled by lions, this square lays before one of the world’s most ornate city hall, giving you a million possibilities for the perfect photo, especially at night.

2) Palacio Real

Next up on your journey should be the Palacio Real, or Royal Palace. While photography is not allowed inside, the power of the exterior alone makes it worth the trip, as its sheer scale will make your head spin with the level of wealth to which royals are accustomed.

3) Mercado de San Miguel

Fancy yourself a fan of food pics? If you love to snap photos of food as much as you love to nosh on it, then you love a stroll through Mercado de San Miguel. Inside, the kaleidoscope of colors from the array of fruits and vegetables, and the alluring smell of baked goods and cured ham will make it hard to focus on the task at hand – getting professional grade photographs of some of the most amazing food you’ve seen in the world. Get yourself a wedge of that finely aged cheese when you’re done – perfect reward!

4) Gran Vía

Those into urban photography will want to head to Gran Vía, a street that combines that busyness of modern Madrid with the buildings of its past. Fabulously dressed people mill from one luxury shop to the next while traffic buzzes along at the bottom on a canyon topped by buildings that are hundreds of years old. At night, the excitement of the theater district makes it a particularly interesting place to take pictures of interesting people!

5) Corral de la Moreria

One of the artistic traditions that Spain is famous for is Flamenco Dancing, and to capture it in motion is on the list of most photogs visiting this city. Corral de la Moreria is a famous place to capture this art in action, which comes with the bonus of a delicious Spanish dinner coming along with this performance.

What are the top tourist attractions in Swaziland to see?

The landscape of this nation by itself counts as one of the top tourist attractions in Swaziland

The top tourist attractions in Swaziland are multifaceted. At the heart of its beauty is a scenic landscape that teems with wildlife. On top of that is Swaziland’s interesting people, culture, and traditions. Perhaps the greatest asset of Swaziland is that for a small country, it has a wide variety of attractions. It is the perfect destination for people who want to experience Africa beyond the bounds of nature.


Swaziland’s landscape provides a preview of African terrain. Breathtaking sceneries of mountains, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers, and gorges are scattered everywhere. Hidden in them are unique rock formations of ancient origin.

Altitudes in Swaziland range from 70 to 6,000 ft high. It starts with Highveld mountains on the east and transforms into Middleveld and Lowveld mountains as you move toward the east. Right before the western border, the 6,000-foot Lubombo Mountains will greet you.

In addition to mountains, Swaziland has deserts as well as a coastal area. These landscapes are rare finds in Africa and among the top tourist attractions in Swaziland.


Flora and fauna flourish in the varied landscape of Swaziland. The limited landscape prevents gaming experiences but the number of animals will surely impress you. You can see the “Big 5” here but people say it’s one of the best places in Africa to go on a rhino safari. Rhino safaris are available on foot and 4×4 and gives tourists the opportunity to see black and white rhinoceros.

Bird watchers won’t be disappointed though. The same could be said for those who want to see wildlife other than the Big 5. There are 17 protected areas in Swaziland with a wide range of animals.


The people are very warm and friendly. They practice ancient traditions which are unique to their country. Absolute monarchy ensures that local cultures and traditions are retained. A preserved cultural heritage is one of the top tourist attractions in Swaziland.

Culture throbs in the country’s festivals, dances, music which are celebrated at different times of the year. Traditional attire also reflect the deep cultural ties of Swaziland. Perhaps the best known of its celebrations are Umhlanga and Incwala. None of them have been revived for tourism purposes. They have simply been around since the old times.

You can take home a piece of the country’s culture by getting any of their traditional handicrafts. Many local shops sell baskets, carved wood and stone, glassware, batik, and jewelry made locally.