It has been revealed by a voucher code website that 42% of Britons have lied about how charitable they are to their friends, family and co-workers to make themselves look better. In More »

Check out Groupon for big savings on Adidas footwear

It might not grab the headlines like it used to, but Groupon has grown quietly over the years to become the Web’s #1 destination for discounts and savings on consumer goods and More »

Lose weight and save cash with Groupon’s discounts

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight on your own then you may find you can do better with the support of a few friends. And there’s no better way to find More »

Why a strong dollar is bad news for America

For the past decade, the running narrative has been that Europe has been a powerhouse on the currency front due to its wise jurisprudence with regards to its economy (a few hiccups More »

Gaza Conflict Reaches Critical Phase As Humanitarian Crisis Looms

The conflict in Gaza has begun to take on a troubling complexion in recent days, as it has been revealed that more than one child has been killed per hour on average More »


Wonderful Ian is no ordinary Jack | Brief letters

Ian Jack’s pieces | Disappearing dining cars | Tax balance | Albums’ 50th anniversaries | Piano motivationIan Jack’s Saturday pieces on street trees (13 May) and railway catering (20 May) are among the most recent in a long series of wonderful journalistic essays with which he has graced your newspaper. Their skilful blend of reliable research, personal reminiscence and, where appropriate, measured social or political criticism has enlightened and delighted us for years. Long may they continue. Meanwhile, is there any chance of a published collection?Richard AllenCambridge• Roger Pratt (Letters, 25 May) should make the most of the Cardiff-Holyhead dining Read More

Source:: The Guardian

The Senate's Obamacare Repeal Efforts Don't Sound Like They're Going Very Well

Republican senators’ Obamacare repeal efforts appear to be in danger after the Trumpcare bill’s damning CBO score came out on Wednesday. Read More

Source:: GQ

Why This Entrepreneur Stopped Focusing on Money and Started Seeking Greater Human Connection

There’s no reason you can’t build real connections as you build your business.

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Tech Talk: Breaking Down SEO for Small Business Owners

Is it time to hire an SEO agency to boost your business? Jessica Abo has some advice from the founder of Techwood Consulting.

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Zimmer ready to coach despite his eye woes

Zimmer ready to coach despite his eye woes Read More

Source:: ESPN