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My New Favorite Burger

Story and photos by Pam Hoenig
I’ve always been a big fan of rack of lamb, leg of lamb, lamb chops. Roasted or pan-seared lamb is just one of the best things ever. But it’s only been in the last year that I discovered lamb burgers. Part of that has been due to the fact that my local food store, Adams Fairacre Farms, has been sourcing its lamb from the Hudson Valley (Josef Meiller Farm in Pine Plains). Before that, the only ground lamb I ever saw in supermarkets was an unsettling light pink and looked like it had been put Read More

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Short-Order Sundays

Photos and story by Kerri Conan
My husband, Sean Santoro, and I make a big deal out of Sunday brunch together. Only we never eat the same thing. I recycle vegetables, soup, or salad from the night before as a base for poached eggs. (Mark’s recipe is unfussy and un-vinegary.) And Sean always makes himself bacon and something—an omelet or other eggy thing cooked in the pan drippings—and fruit, which I save for an afternoon snack, what with all the roughage going on already.

Last Sunday I simmered leftover sautéed broccolini in a last spoonful of tomato sauce and served it over Read More

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Creamy Spinach Soup + Our New Book!

Woot woot! Before talking about today’s recipe, we can finally share more information about our next book! It’s called Green Kitchen At Home and it’s something we have been working on under wraps for the past year. And now we have finally received a pre-copy of it. As the title suggests, this book is a gathering of all the recipes we eat most often in our home – our family’s favorite dishes really.
The book focuses on simple and comforting dishes that are easy to like, adapt and cook. We have tried to minimise weird ingredients so your mom, brother or Read More

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Treat Your Veggies Like Meat

Text and photos by Emily Stephenson
The best cooking tip I’ve been lucky enough to ever receive came from a pastry chef, who has been a nearly life-long vegetarian. Strangely, this technique involves meat and not dessert.
I was eating dinner at her home, which included the most delicious roasted vegetables; I asked how she does it. Her elegant answer: “I’ve never understood why people don’t treat vegetables like meat.” After prodding for elaboration, I got the secret: get your pan screaming hot before adding anything to it.
A nice, browned, crisp sear is one of the best parts of eating meat, Read More

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Homemade Lasagne and Mozzarella

Story and photos by Mark Bittman
My partner Kathleen and I made lasagne (each sheet is a “lasagna”; lasagne is plural), the other night. I never thought it was the kind of thing you needed much of a recipe for, unless you were making a fancy, sort of béchamel-and-mushroom kind of thing. But a) we’d been making fresh pasta with some regularity and b) we had some ricotta and some potential mozzarella from Caputo Brothers. (Which might consider changing its name to Caputo “Family” given that the family member on their videos is Rynn Caputo, a woman.)
Anyway. Kat is a lasagne Read More

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