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Check out Groupon for big savings on Adidas footwear

It might not grab the headlines like it used to, but Groupon has grown quietly over the years to become the Web’s #1 destination for discounts and savings on consumer goods and services.

So big in fact that Groupon now boasts more than 9,000 retail partners and offers more than 70,000 discount coupons on any give day, for a wide range of products and services, including some of the biggest brand names around. For example, Groupon has recently teamed up with companies like Adidas and Nike to offer up to 50 percent off of their range of sneakers. Check out Groupon’s Adidas page here for more details.

Adidas Groupon

Lose weight and save cash with Groupon’s discounts

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight on your own then you may find you can do better with the support of a few friends. And there’s no better way to find like-minded people than to sign up for a weight loss class.

When you join a weight loss class you’ll get the advantage of expert help and the support from all your new classmates. It’s a serious deal for those who’re serious about shedding a few pounds. What’s more, you won’t lose that much money either – check out the discounts on weight loss in Dallas and other U.S. cities at Groupon.com to see how cheap it can be!

weight loss in dallas

Can Groupon become the next Yellow Pages?

Groupon shot to fame back in the 2000s when it delivered the first real savings for consumers with its deal-a-day coupons. Things are a lot more competitive online now though, and in response Groupon has decided to alter its business model to stay one step ahead.

Groupon’s idea is simple. Rather than just offering coupons and vouchers, it integrates its great deals along with highly detailed information of the businesses its promoting. It’s not too dissimilar to the Yellow Pages, only it comes with the advantage of saving you money when you find the service you want. For example, just look at the offer on this Las Olas Mexican Restaurant listing.

Las Olas