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Apartment and home rentals in Paris put city back in play for budget travelers

Apartment And Home Rentals In Paris often come with views like this...

As prices throughout Western Europe have risen throughout the past generation, they have curtailed the willingness of visitors to spend a lengthy holiday in places like Paris. However, the rise of the sharing economy in the past decade has put this glamorous city back on the map for budget conscious travelers, allowing them to stay in the apartments and homes of locals for a modest sum compared to the more expensive hotels that dominate this cities’ accommodation scene.

Sites on the internet like HouseTrip.com have made this possible, as locals can put an apartment or even an entire home up as a vacation rental. In these suites, one can get a full living room, kitchen, and even balconies with outstanding views of the city for a fraction of the cost the one would pay at a hotel for similar amenities.

Prices start at less than 50 euro per night for apartment and home rentals in Paris, with amenities, d├ęcor and space increasing as one goes upward from that price point. Bathrooms come equipped with linens and kitchens with pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc, meaning all you have to do is show up with your significant other or family, as all the comforts of home will be available to you after returning from a long day spent exploring the numerous sights that comprise Paris.

An additional benefit to opting for a holiday home rental is that it places you in the midst of Parisian neighborhoods, where real people work, live, and play. As such, you can spend a portion of your trip wandering the streets of a residential arrondissement that you probably would have no reason to visit otherwise.

Staying in a hotel, while it is central to many districts of touristic interest, shuts you off from discovering those special cafes and boutiques that only locals know about, thereby making it difficult to get in touch with the essence of an area.

Given the value that apartment and home rental sites deliver to people every day in the form of a superior travel experience for the same or lower cost than traditional accommodation options, it is no surprise that many in the hospitality interest are shaking in their boots at the competition introduced by these social sharing sites.

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