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Why Students are worrying about a Brexit Vote

Will the Brexit Vote change UK/EU relations for the worse?

Photo by CC user Petr Kratochvil on PublicDomainPictures.net

Just over a week to go before the UK holds its referendum on the EU, both the In and the Out campaigns have been fighting their corners, with soundbites, statistics and as some feel scare stories as well as plenty of mudslinging. However according to research, 48% of university students feel neither campaign has given a clear answer as to how a Brexit vote will affect daily life. Furthermore, 64% of those students have concerns about travel and opportunities around Europe if we left the EU.

Unfortunately for many of these concerned students, neither campaign has given a clear answer as to what would happen if the UK left the EU. Neither the leave nor the stay campaigns have really answered any concerns people may have and the research suggests that 20% feel like their generation is being overlooked by this process. This is shocking really when you consider those currently studying at university are the UK’s future.

The research was conducted by money saving website My Voucher Codes who surveyed over 2,000 university students, asking: “How have you found the campaigns to stay or leave the EU?” Respondents could choose from a list of statements. The feedback from the students showed 48% felt that neither side of the campaign has given a clear answer on questions asked in the run up to the referendum. In addition:

  • There has not been enough information from either campaign on key issues – 38%
  • Neither campaign cares about the views of the younger generation nor engage with them – 20%
  • None of the arguments from either campaign are thought out – 18%

The students were also given opportunity to air their feelings on the subject:

Both campaigns seem inherently biased and it’s difficult to access impartial views”

There has been a lot of scaremongering however there has been no clear statistics as to what will happen with both sides using ambiguous stats to support their own argument”

Mudslinging campaigns that feel designed to discredit the other rather than reinforce their own argument although the in campaign feels more credible”

Staying or leaving the EU will have an effect on higher education in the UK, if we left there would probably be more consequences, the study asked the students taking part, what they would be most concerned about if the UK voted for Brexit. The majority of students (64%) were most concerned about travel around Europe becoming harder, the top 10 results showed:

  1. Harder to travel around Europe – 64%
  2. Harder to gain work in Europe – 49%
  3. Effect on employment after university – 46%
  4. Loss of funding for education from EU grants – 45%
  5. Making it harder to study in Europe – 41%
  6. Rises in interest rates of loans – 38%
  7. Harder for collaborations between UK and European universities – 28%
  8. Those from Europe facing higher fees to study in the UK – 17%
  9. Issues for EU nationals currently studying in UK – 15%
  10. Less protection for workers’ rights – 13%

Although for some traveling around Europe may seem trivial, however it’s not for students who tend to want to be more mobile than older generations. Nevertheless gaining work in Europe is also high on their list, we have heard scare stories that travel could be restricted even bringing in visas (although these were not necessary before we joined the EU) working could be trickier, as the UK looks to tighten its borders for workers in the EU coming to work in the UK, the EU could do the same to those from the UK looking to work in the EU.

Speaking about the study, General Manager of My Voucher Codes, Chris Reilly said:

“There are a number of key areas that students, currently studying at university, feel like they either have not been given enough information on the referendum or else been misinformed on it. Its deeply worrying that a large section of the electorate feel this way especially when it is them and future generations that will be most affected by the results. “

He added:

“It seems that both the ‘In’ and ‘Leave’ campaigns would rather push scare stories out than actually work on rational facts and seem to be in a game of mudsling with each other with personal attacks. No one appears to be taking the time to talk to and engage this group of voters. As we can see from our study, concerns from students have not been properly answered, and we can understand why they have felt frustrated with this process and worry about what the future holds, for them and every other person in the UK.”

Why a strong dollar is bad news for America

A strong dollar is bad news for America, as it threatens jobs like this dude's automaking position ... photo by CC user Carol M. Highsmith at loc.gov

For the past decade, the running narrative has been that Europe has been a powerhouse on the currency front due to its wise jurisprudence with regards to its economy (a few hiccups with regards to Ireland, Greece and Spain notwithstanding) , and America has been the empire on the precipice of perpetual decline, as it was reflected with the weakened state of the dollar during that period of time.

However, the strong recovery of the USA in the past couple of years has led to a rapid revaluation of the American Dollar, while the continued foundering of many economies in Europe have led to the slow and steady decline of the Euro.

This trend that has recently been kicked into overdrive by the European Central Bank’s decision to finally open the taps of quantitative easing after resisting it for seven long years after the major economic collapse that the world suffered in 2008, furthering the perception that Europe is now firmly in the tank for the foreseeable future.

Many have crowed over Europe’s current predicament even as our fortunes have risen, but there are plenty of reasons to be wary over this turn of events. Here is why we believe that the strong dollar is bad news for America…

Advantage: European manufacturers

While the uninformed observer might think that the deliberate tanking of the Euro by the bank that issues it is a bad thing, the decrease in its value has suddenly made the price of every product made there cheaper than many other places in the developed world.

When this is combined with the strengthening of the American Dollar (which makes many products that are made here at home more expensive), many buyers of our goods are suddenly looking across the pond to see if there are better deals to be had in the Old World, which is all round bad news for smaller operation that don’t possess the cash reserves to ride out tidal shifts in business.

Entire manufacturing companies are moving shop to places like the Balkans to save cash

In today’s globalized world, massive corporations and mom and pop companies alike have the ability to seek out assembly lines anywhere on the planet. The recent dramatic shift in monetary policy has led some savvy entrepreneurs to seek out skilled workers in places like the Balkans and Central Europe, where their services can be had for as little as $1000 per month.

With new operations setting up overseas in this manner, it is only a matter of time before older, more established companies with an eye on expansion will take advantage of this major opportunity in currency arbitrage, leaving ever more American workers in manufacturing out of a job.

New York City, New Orleans and the Grand Canyon just got much pricier

Not for us, mind you. With a strong dollar making many imports cheaper, and the recent upswing in jobs making many Americans more confident, average members of the public won’t be able to perceive the suffering that many in the tourism industry may begin to suffer as soon as this summer.

With the rapid increase in the value of the dollar, and the decline in the euro, many popular tourist attractions that Europeans flock to see each season are now 15 to 20% more expensive over this time last year.

With no more discounts to be had like they were in the dark days of the Great Recession, many Europeans may elect to stick closer to home this year, leaving many tourism operators scrambling to cover the coming shortfall in business in the months ahead.

Unique Accommodations That Everyone Has To Try

This houseboat in Amsterdam is one of the unique accommodations that you'll find on your travels ... photo by CC user nakedsky on Flickr


Morocco is a land of remarkable contrasts with miles upon miles of sandy beaches, lush oases, extensive golden deserts, dramatic mountains, intriguing old and new towns and charming mountainside villages. Morocco leaves a remarkable lasting impression to anyone who dares to visit.

Staying in a riad in Morocco exposes you to the rich cultural heritage of the Berbers. A riad is not your every day hotel, it is a traditional palace or house whose main buildings face a central garden. The garden consists mainly of citrus fruits and fountains, these elements and the unique Berber architecture gives the riad a relaxed homely atmosphere. Riads are exceptional and staying in one is necessary for an authentic experience of the intriguing Berber culture.


Italy is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine, fine wines and renaissance art; however, few have experienced the luxury of Italian villas. Italian villas offer fantastic accommodation in some of the most scenic places in Italy. The Tuscan countryside is famous for its rustic converted farmhouses and castles turned into fabulous villas.

The luxurious villas offer privacy, pools, tennis courts and fantastic scenery, all these and more coupled with Italian hospitality and wines, Italian luxury villas are ideal for the perfect holiday experience.


One of the most distinctive features of Amsterdam is its labyrinthine canals, and what a better way to remember your visit than staying in a floating houseboat? The houseboats come in all shapes and sizes, some converted cargo ships, some of historical significance and some new and modern to satisfy the ever rising demands for this unique form of accommodation. The houseboats are conveniently located in some of the city’s most stunning locations, and staying in one is a wholesome treat.


Cornwall combines everything rural with fantastic strands of gorgeous beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean and extensive granite moorlands. While most people would rush to stay in the fabulous cottages and hotels, sometimes it is best to try a different kind of accommodation such as a tree house.

With all the charms of Cornwall and a retreat above the ground in a tree house, you create the unique holiday experience ever! It takes you back into your childhood days in a most remarkable way.


Right in the heart of UK is the amazing region of the Cotswolds, famous for its picturesque honey-colored villages, rolling hills, wool churches and spectacular parks. It is the ideal destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a midweek break and unwind in a lakeside cabin in style.

The Lakeside Park in the Cotswolds has been a well-kept secret for ages, but now the secret is out. It consists of 150 dazzling lakes, a series of stunning villages and of course, charming log cabins. The cabins come in different sizes and all manner of designs that cater for different tastes.

You can retreat to a lakeside cabin with family, friends or spouse for a unique type of holiday. Staying in a lakeside cabin in the Cotswolds, gives you an opportunity to enjoy activities such as bird watching, fishing, biking, walking and experiencing the incredible natural beauty that well describes this part of UK. Going back to the basics has never been this fashionable!

4 Locations for a Relaxing Holiday

Being one of the more charming cities in Scotland, Edinburgh is a great place to have a relaxing holiday ... photo by CC user chris-yunker on Flickr

Are you too stressed from working all day? You want to go on vacation, right? Travelling is, for sure, one great and soothing way of spending your vacation. So, book a ticket now, pack your things up, and take your well-deserved vacation to these 4 amazing destinations….


Cyprus is now becoming one of the favourite island getaways, thanks to its amazingly gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking pristine beaches. If you love arts and fashion, then this place can be a great boon to you as well.

Cyprus has three lovely cities, namely Lefkosia, Limassol, and Paphos. The well-known Medieval walls in Lefkosia remain to be one of the city’s most captivating historic landmarks. Limassol, on the other hand, houses the most famous museums in the city. Do not miss your chance to visit the Kolossi castle. For beach lovers, this city is for you. Several hotels for your accommodation are located near the beach. Paphos is known to be the birthplace of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. The Tombs of the Kings is certainly magnificent. 

Book at cyplon.co.uk


Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and the London Eye are among the many marvellous sites your eyes can enjoy feasting upon in London. Love watching a play? The National Theatre is highly recommended. Want to experience a boat trip? Try it on the River Thames. Looking for a new outfit? Shop at Regent or Oxford Street. London is without doubt a perfect place for a vacation.

Find London tours at visitlondon.com

The Cotswolds

A serene heavenly place, the Cotswolds in the UK is a relatively unknown to many travel junkies. There aren’t a lot of information about it today, but you will be truly amazed with the otherworldly beauty of this destination. After all, the place is famous for its wonderful landscapes and incredible historic house villages.

For those who are travelling with children, the Cotswold Farm Park and the Broadway Playground allows you to get in touch with nature and animals. Here, you can plan a picnic in the garden or go biking in the playground. 

Blenheim Palace is another terrific place to swing by in Cotswold. Upon arriving, you will be assigned to a tour guide, who will show you every beautiful feature of the palace. It has a pretty huge garden space that is perfectly designed for guests to enjoy. 

Find a beautiful cottage with character-cottages.co.uk


Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is a host to the colourful Edinburgh Fringe festival. Celebrated from July to September, people from all over the world come to Edinburgh to witness the spectacles and experience the convivial feel of this festival. The festival, by the way, features arts, blues, jazz, television, music, drama, and theatre. 

Hogmanay (New Year celebration) is often considered the best among all street parties in the city. The classical Scottish Parliament arranges bookings for tours inside for a closer look at its history, literature, and architecture. 

Get more Edinburgh info from timeout.com

Overall, the top locations for a relaxing holiday are truly brilliant. Plan your vacation ahead by preparing an itinerary to have an organized vacation. Trust me, this lessens stress as well as helps create a systematized holiday. 

Also, never miss the top tourist attractions in every city you visit. Take photos to keep memories, and do not let anything ruin your day. More importantly, relax and enjoy your whole vacation. Cheers!

5 of the best places in Madrid for taking pictures

Plaza de Cibeles is among the best places in Madrid for taking pictures...

In the near future, you’ll be heading off on a long-awaited holiday to Spain, and as an avid hobby photographer, you are beyond thrilled. With numerous peaks, scenic coastlines that are easy on the eyes, and a variety of Moorish architecture that is measurably different from the building styles in the rest of Europe.

As an avid culture hunter though, you have decided to spend a healthy chunk of your trip in Madrid, Spain’s capital. This city has an abundance of museums, plazas, and other outstanding public spaces, making it an urbanist’s dream.

Once you learn how to get how to get cheap internet in Madrid, the sky is the limit for getting all kinds of killer snaps around one of the most culturally significant cities in Spain, as you’ll be able to upload them to the cloud and your other devices seamlessly as you go.

Since you aren’t a local though, knowing exactly where to get the best pictures in the Spanish capital is likely a mystery to you. If you aren’t in the know about the best places in Madrid for taking pictures, these five vantage points will have your friends, family and co-workers dumbfounded over how you got so many mind-blowing shots on your holiday in Spain.

Let’s jump right into it…

1) Plaza de Cibeles

While Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol are very popular squares within Madrid and boast many photographic opportunities, they are all surpassed by Plaza de Cibeles in terms of sheer opulent beauty. Punctuated by a white marble fountain depicting a Roman fertility goddess riding a chariot pulled by lions, this square lays before one of the world’s most ornate city hall, giving you a million possibilities for the perfect photo, especially at night.

2) Palacio Real

Next up on your journey should be the Palacio Real, or Royal Palace. While photography is not allowed inside, the power of the exterior alone makes it worth the trip, as its sheer scale will make your head spin with the level of wealth to which royals are accustomed.

3) Mercado de San Miguel

Fancy yourself a fan of food pics? If you love to snap photos of food as much as you love to nosh on it, then you love a stroll through Mercado de San Miguel. Inside, the kaleidoscope of colors from the array of fruits and vegetables, and the alluring smell of baked goods and cured ham will make it hard to focus on the task at hand – getting professional grade photographs of some of the most amazing food you’ve seen in the world. Get yourself a wedge of that finely aged cheese when you’re done – perfect reward!

4) Gran Vía

Those into urban photography will want to head to Gran Vía, a street that combines that busyness of modern Madrid with the buildings of its past. Fabulously dressed people mill from one luxury shop to the next while traffic buzzes along at the bottom on a canyon topped by buildings that are hundreds of years old. At night, the excitement of the theater district makes it a particularly interesting place to take pictures of interesting people!

5) Corral de la Moreria

One of the artistic traditions that Spain is famous for is Flamenco Dancing, and to capture it in motion is on the list of most photogs visiting this city. Corral de la Moreria is a famous place to capture this art in action, which comes with the bonus of a delicious Spanish dinner coming along with this performance.