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A lady’s guide to a car breakdown

Would you know what to do in the event of a car breakdown?

Photo by CC user andrijbulba on Flickr

The idea of breaking down in a car can give everyone chills but for women in particular, it can be nerve wracking to think about what to do if a car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or in an undesirable area. Some women – and men – will know their way under the bonnet of a car and it might be a good idea to let the engine cool down and then have a look to see if the problem is visible and fix it before continuing on their journey.

However, many women – and indeed men – don’t know what to look for when a car breaks down and often repairing a problem can only be done with the proper equipment. One of the best things that can be done when anyone breaks down is call a tow truck to help and a reliable tow truck in Perth or anywhere else in the world can always be found by doing a quick online search.

Below are some handy tips on how to prepare and what to do in the event of a car breakdown:

1) Take a phone charger

Always keep a phone fully charged up in a car on a long journey, so that it is always easy to call for help.

2) Source a reliable tow truck

Before heading off on a journey, always look online to find a reputable towing company that is easy to contact in the event of a breakdown. It is important to do this before leaving, so that a call can be made quickly.

Reputable companies will usually be able to tow any of the following:

  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Vans
  • Caravans/campervans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Bobcats
  • Forklifts

Check out the company website to see what services are on offer in order to find one that can be called upon should an emergency arise.

3) Pack water and snacks

Take lots of bottles of water and even some snacks, as it is impossible to know where the breakdown might happen and it might be hours before help can come.

4) Take a map

Reliable companies offering car towing in Perth or anywhere else in the world will only be able to find a broken down vehicle if the driver knows where they are, so make sure there is always a map to hand to make it easy to pinpoint the location.

5) Have blankets in the boot

It is important to be able to keep warm in the event of a breakdown, so put some blankets and warm clothing in the boot – just in case. Executive Towing Services provide tow trucks in Perth and this is an example of the type of tow company that can help in an emergency.

Carry a first aid kit, get out the way of danger if the car breaks down on a busy section of a road and stay as close to the vehicle as it is safe to be and having a plan in place in the event of a breakdown is always important.