Is the Person You Are Dating Honest?

Dating can be both exciting and a little bit of a rollercoaster at times.

With that thought in mind, are you happy with your current dating situation?

Whether only recently beginning to date or you have been seeing someone for a while, you want things to work out.

So, how do you know best if the person you spend time with is being totally honest?

Do Your Homework to Protect You

In getting back into the dating world or you’ve met someone and been going out, here are some pointers to remember:

1. Be safe out there – Above anything else, make sure you are protecting your safety. Unfortunately, some people can play games with others. They may even put others at risk at times. As such, you want to be sure you are as safe as can be. You have to make sure you look out for you at the end of the day. This means not putting yourself into potential dangerous situations. When first meeting someone, be sure it is in a public setting. Also let a family member or good friend know what your plans are. If you meet the right person, there will be time to feel more trusting of them as you get to know them more.

2. Know their background – It is also imperative that you do a little digging to find out a person’s background. This is where the Internet can be a help to you. What if the person is not being fully honest with you? As an example, what if they say they are divorced but are still in fact married? If you have their full name and any other basic info, you could go online and search things out. Look to see how to get a copy of divorce papers and other relevant info. With that info in your hands, you can see if one is in fact being straight up with you. Or, could they not be on the level with you.

3. Look for strange behavior – You may also want to look for any notable red flags that the person is giving off. For one, do they seem to be unavailable at various times? This means more than going off to a job. It could be they are trying to hide something from you. In fact, they could be with someone else during those times. Meantime, they are giving you a different reasoning for being unavailable. They may not welcome you over to where they live. Again, this can be a red flag. Do they get nervous when on the phone or not use their phone at all around you? Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary and try to figure out why things are what they are.

4. Not willing to commit to future – Finally, there can be all kinds of reasons to why one is hesitant to commit. That said your partner may be hesitant because they are hiding something from you. Once again, it could be another person is in the mix. While you can’t force one to love you, be a little suspicious. That is if you’ve been dating for some time now and they still seem to not want to talk about any possible future.

In dating someone, make sure honesty is always the best policy on both sides of the coin.