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5 Things You Must Do Before You Move Out of Your Old Home

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of moving from an old home to a new home. Moving to a new place offers a whole wide world of opportunities. If you’re upgrading to a larger, newer, and/or a more luxurious home, the excitement can be palpable.

However, before you get carried away, you need to make sure you’ve tied off all your loose ends. Is there anything you’ve forgotten to do or take care of at your old home? Are you sure?

We’re here to give you some peace of mind. Keep reading for a quick list of some of the most commonly forgotten details when leaving an old house behind.

1. Schedule Movers in Advance

First, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you schedule your movers a few weeks in advance. Depending on where you live and the time of year, you may have trouble booking a moving service the day of.

For some of the best movers, check out Moving Ahead Services. They are local and long-distance movers that also provide temporary storage. Remember, hiring movers is not something you should leave until the last minute.

2. Turn Off the Utilities to Your Old Home

Next, before moving out of your old home, schedule to have your power, gas, and water turned off. We recommend scheduling the cancellation a day after moving day. Canceling these services before you get everything out could lead to problems, such as not having a working toilet while you’re trying to finish packing.

Additionally, don’t forget to cancel your waste removal service, unless you want to keep paying for it after you leave. Finally, if you’re currently paying HOA fees, make sure you notify the HOA that you’re moving.

3. Change Your Address

One of the most important moving tips is to remember to redirect your mail. You can temporarily redirect it through the post office until you get settled into your new location. Then, you can officially change your address.

Additionally, make sure you notify the appropriate companies and people of your new address. Otherwise, they’ll continue to send you mail to your old home.

4. Double-Check Each Room

Before embarking on your local or cross-country move, go through the house one more time to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. If there is any furniture or built-ins, go through each drawer or cubby.

Check each room and the attached closets or bathrooms. Lastly, look through your storage areas, garage, and basement.

5. Cancel Your Existing Home Services

Finally, make sure you take care of your other recurring services specific to your old home. By this point, your utilities should be taken care of. However, don’t forget about:

  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Phone lines
  • Mailing subscriptions
  • Etc.

Additionally, remember to contact your insurance company to change your homeowner’s insurance policy. They’ll need to update your address and all the other important information. Failing to update this information will void your policy.

Are You Looking for More Lifestyle Advice?

Are you leaving your old home behind and looking forward to the future? If so, we couldn’t’ be more excited for you. We know how exciting it is to move to a new house.

Just remember to follow our quick checklist before you leave. And for more lifestyle tips, read through some of our other articles while you’re here. We have tons of valuable advice and information for homeowners like you.

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys To Get You Ready For Spring!

Spring is just around the corner. Do you know what that means?

It means spending more time outside, in the yard, on the trail, and at the lake. After staying cooped up and cozy all winter long, our legs are ready to stretch.

Our kids, especially, are ready to run, to roam, to climb, and to stay outside as long as possible. And with the right outdoor toys, you can ensure a long and happy spring, summer, and even autumn ahead.

So what are the best outdoor toys for kids to keep them out in nature longer? And what are the best outdoor activities for the whole family? We’ve compiled the list of things you need this season below.

Rock Climbing Holds With Tree Straps

Most people aren’t looking to build a proper rock climbing wall but would love to give their kids an opportunity to climb. You can get rock climbing holds that strap directly to large trees.

This keeps them physically active and engaged in their natural environment.

Climbing Dome

Kids are over basic playsets in the backyard. They want something more interesting and that allows for more climbing.

A climbing dome is made entirely of climbing bars and will provide your kids and their friends endless fun.

Portable Hammock Stand

After all of that climbing, kids will need a nice place to rest while still enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. A portable hammock stand is a perfect way to use hammocks in treeless yards.

Plus, you can take them anywhere. Now you can nap in a hammock on the beach or at the park to enjoy a restful time outside.


Year after year, cornhole boards are one of the most popular outdoor toys for adults. They work so perfectly at parties and BBQs, allowing you to compete without even putting your drink down.


Have you tried Spikeball yet? If not, get ready to put your cornhole boards in storage, because this game has been exploding in popularity lately.

Remember playing foursquare in elementary school? It’s kind of like that, mixed with volleyball, and way more fun than both.

A small trampoline is in the middle of a large circle (painted or drawn on the ground). Your goal is to hit a ball onto the net in such a way that the opposing team can’t get it. It’s a bit more physically active than cornhole, but a lot more fun for the whole family.


When you see a slackline, it’s hard not to give it a try. Once you try and fail immediately, it’s hard not to try again. And again. And again.

Slacklining is difficult to get the hang of, even though it looks easy. You balance on a thin, flat band secured to 2 large trees.

The problem is that once you start, it’s hard to stop. You won’t be able to live with yourself until you can walk from tree to tree; an incredibly impressive feat.

Enjoy Your Yard Like Never Before With the Best Outdoor Toys

It doesn’t take a week-long trip into the backcountry to enjoy the outdoors. All you need is a yard and a few outdoor toys to make your spring and summer memorable.

Sure, camping trips are fun. But your kids will be much happier if they have something they can enjoy daily.

Need some more parenting and home tips and tricks? Be sure to visit the rest of our blog today.

8 Uncommon Items for Your Next Backyard Summer Party

Wherever you are in the world, you need to make sure that when the time comes, you are ready to throw the best backyard summer party ever. Make it memorable by injecting some personality into it with some unique, quirky party pieces!

Here’s a list of 8 uncommon items for throwing great summer parties!

1. Dog-Friendly Hamburger Patties

Let’s not forget that our pets need to eat too! Now you can buy pet-safe barbecue food, so your favorite fluffy friend doesn’t need to feel left out anymore!

2. Pirate Den Making Kit

Check out this arrr’some pirate den kit! Kids have always loved tearing up the sofa to create their own mini houses, and kids love new things, so why not satisfy both with a pirate den kit!

This is a great way to keep kids entertained while you set up some of the other gadgets and quirky party pieces we’ve suggested below.

3. Retro Slush Puppie Machine

A retro Slush Puppie machine will go down a treat with adults and kids alike!

When it’s too hot, and you want to cool down, there’s nothing quite like a sweet, refreshing throwback to those times you got brain freeze for the first time.

4. Rent a Waterslide and Get Wet

Yes, you can really do this!

There’s no better way to keep cool while having fun than a waterslide. Unleash your inner child and see how far you can slide. Waterslide rentals for next summer are expected to book up quickly, so it’s worth looking into to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

5. Novelty Aprons

Show your guests who’s cooking! Novelty aprons are a great way to make your nominated chefs stand out with pride as they toss meat over the barbecue to their heart’s content.

6. Flamingo Toss Ring Game

Ever felt like tossing a ring over a flamingo?

We don’t think a real flamingo would enjoy it, but now you can satisfy those desires with this ultimate party game. Quick set up, and great fun for everyone to enjoy!

7. Food That Doesn’t Look Like Food

Here’s one you can try and make yourself, but it might end up looking inedible either way.

If you’re a great chef, baker, or sculptor, see if you can make some delicious treats that look like something completely different. Maybe you want to create a cake that looks like a sombrero or a remote-control shaped burger?

This may be the golden ticket to Rememberville you’ve been looking for!

8. Giant Inflatable Iceberg

If you happen to own a small ocean (don’t we all), the giant inflatable iceberg will make your party stand out way more than the 10% a real iceberg stands out.

Don’t forget to purchase some lifejackets too! Otherwise, your party will end up sinking like the Titanic.

A Backyard Summer Party to Remember

Whatever it is that life throws at you, whether that’s viruses or a poor work-life balance, it’s more important to share quality time with friends and family than ever. Bring on the backyard Summer party!

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Should You Worry About Your Neighborhood?

Whether you have resided in your neighborhood for years or are new to the area, do you have any concerns?

From your physical safety to the safety of your property and more, there may be reasons for you to be fearful.

So, any steps you can take to lower such concerns sooner than later?

Feel Safe Where You Call Home

In taking a serious look at the safety of your neighborhood, here are some areas to focus in on:

1. Know the area layout – Even if you have lived in your neighborhood for a while now, the layout can change over time. That said it is always good to stay up to speed on the area and its layout. If there are any notable changes, be sure you are aware of them. This is especially important should you ever need something in an emergency situation. Getting emergency help could well depend on how fast people can get to you in and around where you live.

2. Know where help is at – How far are you from things like the nearest fire and ambulance rescue? Are you close to a nearby police station? These are but a few of the things you want to know. Having such services nearby can be a blessing. That would be especially if you need any of them be it something minor or something major. It is also good to know the location of the nearest hospital or other such medical facilities.

3. Know the neighbors – It can be difficult at times to know all your neighbors. Depending on the size of your neighborhood, you may have many around you or only a handful. With that in mind, do your best to be vigilant about the neighbors closest to you. If there are any concerns you might have, do a little digging. In the event you know a neighbor’s full name and any other details, you could use the Internet for a little research. What if you found out someone near you has a warrant out for their arrest? Would such a thing leave you sleepless at night? In the event you live in Florida, you could go online and proceed with a Florida warrant search. That search could provide you with key details on the individual. The more you may know the better position you are in to decide if there is a threat there or not.

4. Know if there are pets around – How well do you know the most immediate of neighbors? Do any of them have dogs that are outside? If so, are those dogs typically on a leash or running around on their own? In the event you have a young child or children out playing often, you want them to be safe. Make sure you know about any dogs that could be out when your child or children are out. While many dogs are friendly, the last thing you want is your kid being scared or even bitten.

5. Know how to protect each other – Finally, do you have a neighborhood watch program where you live? If not, now may well be the time to organize with neighbors and local law enforcement to put one in place.

In worrying less about your neighborhood, you will live a more enjoyable life around home.

Is the Person You Are Dating Honest?

Dating can be both exciting and a little bit of a rollercoaster at times.

With that thought in mind, are you happy with your current dating situation?

Whether only recently beginning to date or you have been seeing someone for a while, you want things to work out.

So, how do you know best if the person you spend time with is being totally honest?

Do Your Homework to Protect You

In getting back into the dating world or you’ve met someone and been going out, here are some pointers to remember:

1. Be safe out there – Above anything else, make sure you are protecting your safety. Unfortunately, some people can play games with others. They may even put others at risk at times. As such, you want to be sure you are as safe as can be. You have to make sure you look out for you at the end of the day. This means not putting yourself into potential dangerous situations. When first meeting someone, be sure it is in a public setting. Also let a family member or good friend know what your plans are. If you meet the right person, there will be time to feel more trusting of them as you get to know them more.

2. Know their background – It is also imperative that you do a little digging to find out a person’s background. This is where the Internet can be a help to you. What if the person is not being fully honest with you? As an example, what if they say they are divorced but are still in fact married? If you have their full name and any other basic info, you could go online and search things out. Look to see how to get a copy of divorce papers and other relevant info. With that info in your hands, you can see if one is in fact being straight up with you. Or, could they not be on the level with you.

3. Look for strange behavior – You may also want to look for any notable red flags that the person is giving off. For one, do they seem to be unavailable at various times? This means more than going off to a job. It could be they are trying to hide something from you. In fact, they could be with someone else during those times. Meantime, they are giving you a different reasoning for being unavailable. They may not welcome you over to where they live. Again, this can be a red flag. Do they get nervous when on the phone or not use their phone at all around you? Look for anything that seems out of the ordinary and try to figure out why things are what they are.

4. Not willing to commit to future – Finally, there can be all kinds of reasons to why one is hesitant to commit. That said your partner may be hesitant because they are hiding something from you. Once again, it could be another person is in the mix. While you can’t force one to love you, be a little suspicious. That is if you’ve been dating for some time now and they still seem to not want to talk about any possible future.

In dating someone, make sure honesty is always the best policy on both sides of the coin.