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Five Places to Shop in San Sebastián, Spain

In the Basque city of San Sebastián, Spain, Gros is a low-key neighborhood behind Zurriola beach that caters to residents, with shops focused on what’s local, Read More

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A Guide to (Somewhat) Painless Thanksgiving Travel

Here’s what you need to know to avoid the crowds and have as painless a trip as possible via this nation’s roads and airports this Thanksgiving. Read More

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A Journey Through Madagascar: Notes on the Privilege of Travel

Two years ago, I wrote about how privileged and lucky we are to be able to travel the world. No matter our circumstances, we are doing something most of the world will never get a chance to do. Most people never leave their own country, let alone their continent.
Even if we’re barely scraping two pennies together as we couchsurf the world, we’re pretty fortunate. I wrote back then (and sorry for quoting myself):
In the “quit your job to travel the world” cheerleading that happens so often on travel websites (including this one), we often forget that it’s not easy for Read More

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Trending: Eschewing High-Tech Hotel Amenities in Favor of Old-School Record Players

Some hotels are offering record players, along with impressive vinyl collections to go with them. Read More

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Travel Tips: 5 Rules for a Really Good Trip With the Kids

Tips include: Let everyone pick an activity, figure out child care in advance, determine the accommodations that best suit your family. Read More

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